About Hollie May

My name is Hollie-may and I have been on my spiritual journey for as long as I can remember.

My name is Hollie-may and I have been on my spiritual journey for as long as I can remember. I have always felt like there is ‘something else’, like the reality I was living was only half of the story. When I was the age of 6 I remember experiencing these very euphoric moments where visually everything went very surreal. I had lots of questions like ‘who are we, where do we really come from and how did we get here.’ This feeling lasted seconds and I always remember feeling almost a little bit confused when I ‘came back’. This however sparked my memory into the feeling of this is ‘not just it’, this reality that I am are seeing, is one that has been human-made, one that resonates only on a human level.

I believe our mind is not our only tool, we have a very powerful heart, soul, and higher self that helps orchestrate being in alignment on this planet. The mind is very useful to get from A to B, to do your daily tasks, and for logic. The heart is very useful for feeling emotions and truth, the soul is part of the all and the higher self can see above our human selves and guides us to our next step, in short!

My job as a spiritual facilitator is to support you to get back into your heart, connected with your soul, and help build a relationship with your higher self. I feel extremely passionate about guiding the collective to a new way of being.

My experience is authentic, it comes from the struggle with myself and, feeling disconnected from life and trauma. I seeked support from people that were already living in alignment with their truth and asked them to help me find mine, I then started the journey inwards.

Support from other people is invaluable, however, the real work came in when I was on my own in the depths of darkness, and I started to use the tools that my teachers had gifted me with. Then and only then did my own realignment process start gaining momentum.

I am ready to work with people that truly want to help themselves and embark on this journey together into this new way of being.

My certified job titles are:
- Metatronic Healing Practitioner
- Intuitive Touch Therapist
- Light Counsellor
- Life Coach Diploma
Counselling Skills Level 2

I look forward to being on this journey with you <3

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