About Samantha

Creating Spaces were, Love and Awareness grows, Transformation happens, and Lives improve.

I am a qualified, passionate, and dedicated youth and community worker, complementary and Metatronia Therapist and Metaphysician.

A lover of nature and mother earth, a keen Poet and Traveller and Birther and teacher of our Intuitive Touch Therapy and New Way of Being courses. 

These courses and teachings are a culmination of my 37 years’ experience on travelling and living on this this planet! Coupled with my 20 years’ experience of working in a wide range of Professional settings.

They are designed to Support you in developing practices and techniques that will assist you in releasing trapped stress and trauma from the body, regulating your own nervous system, and managing stress, trauma and experiences with greater courage, resilience, understanding and ease. They encourage you to explore and develop a new way of being!

A new way of experiencing life!
A new way of showing up in the world!
A new way of being at peace on the inside and the outside!
A new way of responding and receiving!

I always knew from a young age that I would work with people and have been lucky enough to have spent my 20-year career  engaging with some of the most amazing people, children, teachers, and guides, from all walks of life; All of whom have individually inspired the unique teachings I offer in my courses here. 

I became pregnant age 17 and faced great adversity, judgement, shame, and rejection from society and can always remember having such a strong desire to be a better person and not be all those things those judgers and gossipers said I would be!

I concluded that I did not like myself! or others, I did not know how to truly love and accept myself or others, I carried so much past pain and trauma from my childhood experiences that expressed themselves as anger, rage, and manipulation. I did not like the way I was showing up in the world! the ways that I presented and behaved.  I wanted to change so deeply.  Wanted to be free of the guilt, the worry, the fear , the anxiety, the self-hatred, and harm. I wanted to be softer, kinder, more peaceful, and happier and more loving to myself and others.

So, from that moment on a metamorphosis happened and I made it my life's work to carry out a conscious evaluation of myself and becoming a more present and self-aware human being and share this with others.

I took ownership over the dramas and problems in my life that I was CHOOSING to experience and accepted my role as the creator of my own reality! I Admitted that I was CHOOSING to experience and behave this and would not anymore! I Accepted that I had the ability to create and experience whatever I choose to in my life! And Dedicated myself to living a new way of being!

Overtime and with practice, dedication, commitment, and the amazing support of the inspirational people in my life. I found I was able to create an entire new way of being and experiencing life!  I manifested exactly what was right for me exactly when I was most ready for it and began to live life in a much more present and fore filling way.  I opened, I surrendered, I began to receive life instead of attempting to constantly dominate and control it. I stepped out of fear and into self mastery and amazing things happened.  My health and wellbeing improved in all areas and the world became a much more peaceful, balanced, loving and happy place.

My work has placed me in the perfect position to share this and to explore and develop these unique techniques over many years. I am honoured to have been able to spend so many years guiding people on this path and helping others in working through these processes for themselves, realising their full potential and going on to become the best that they can possibly be!

I have spent many years specialising in work with children and young people particularly around trauma therapy, behaviour disorders, and Autistic spectrum disorders. I have specific courses for parents, teachers and children and young people. 

I share my love and these teachings with all who cross my path and invite you to journey we me into a new way of being an experiencing life on earth. 

From my heart to yours, With Love 

Lots of love Sam xxx

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