Our clients testimonials

  • I can't recommend Sam and Hollie May’s Metatronic Healing Practice Enough Even as an experienced massage therapist with an extensive range of disciplines all over the world, never have I benefited so much than with this unique treatment.  It works on a profound level to relax you and throughout the treatment, I experienced wonderful intense all-over body tingles and could feel spiraling waves of nurturing, rejuvenating warm energy.   Hollie May and Sam are so well attuned to one another with such an intuitive approach it makes for an unrivaled Healing Experience.  
  • Working with Sam has helped me to realise were al my anger came from and see that they ways i was showing it was out of order I wish they taught this stuff at school as it might have saved me a lot of hassle and feeling like rubbish. The stuff that happened to me is not my fault but what I do with it is my responsibility

    Bradley, age 14
  • I can not believe how simple but effective these practices are!!!!!!! It blows me away how  effortless and easy they are but how powerful also. Working in this way has changed everything about my life and the way i show up. I am so grateful to have received these teachings.

    Sue, age 62
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